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3 Reasons to Experience Craniosacral Therapy

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Alternative Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Lifestyle | 2 comments

Craniosacral Therapy is quite a mouthful when you say it – This post is the first of many you will encounter on this blog. What is Craniosacral Therapy? I hear you ask – Read on and you will find out more about this mystical, practical, profound and effective alternative healing modality.

Bonus – Interesting juicy announcement towards the end – No! Don’t scroll down, read the entire article… won’t take you more than about 5 minutes or so.

Have you noticed, that when a baby won’t stop crying, many times it’s the mother’s touch that pacifies it? Usually when the mother holds her baby, the baby stops crying in no time. The baby instinctively identifies love, care and reassurance with his mother’s soothing touch.

In fact, when a baby is in the mother’s womb it can already feel a range of sensations. The sense of touch develops as early as 7.5 weeks. Touch is in fact, one of the primary ways through which babies perceive the world.

Research reveals that gentle touch releases a surge of happy hormones. These hormones act as natural painkillers, reduce anxiety and escalate happiness. That’s why a tight hug or a hand squeeze from someone you love can instantly make you feel uplifted and secure.

If the touch can be comforting, can it also stimulate healing?

A study was done on a bunch of people who were recovering from a critical spinal injury. To boost their post surgery recovery, they were prescribed 6 weekly touch therapy sessions. After completing these six sessions, the participants shared that they experienced:

  • Reduced pain
  • Enhanced recovery rate
  • Improved overall well being

This is only one of the many studies that bring home this point — touch therapy can heal.

In fact, the world is (finally) waking up to the power of alternate healing therapies. Modern methods of treatment typically focus on symptoms, rarely on causes. This means that this type of treatment may give symptomatic relief which is usually temporary. When the root cause of the health conition is not addressed, then even it feels “cured” it is lurking in the background looking for a chance to erupt again – perhaps more severely or as something completely different. Many times while “fixing” one thing, other things get disturbed. I was fed up with this type of “healing” and a long time ago, started seeking out alternative approaches that would holistically treat me.

A holistic healing modality is by definition one that has an inclusive approach towards health. It may not always be a “quick fix” – but over the years, I have seen that once something is fixed, it stays fixed. And the fix doesn’t disrupt or compromise any other system of the body. It actually boosts and supports the entire system. This doesn’t mean that the allopathic approach is completely ineffective. Far from it. There are a plethora of severe or acute health challenges that are best addressed with this approach. My submission is that if alternative healing modalities are deployed way in advance the chances of something becoming severe or acute are dramatically reduced. Even after a successful allopathic intervention, holistic healing can soothe and hasten recovery. If you are not seeking comfort in temporary relief and are looking for a more inclusive approach towards health that goes beyond popping pills, then definitely consider alternative therapies. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is one of the most effective alternatice healing modalities out there. Let me tell you about it…

How CST changed my life

Almost two decades ago, I developed severe back pain. Some days it was so bad, that even getting out of bed seemed impossible. When my MRI reports came in, I was diagnosed with slipped discs in my lower back. My doctors recommended surgery which I point-blank refused. My only other option was to take complete bed rest and let time do the healing. I was advised 8 to 10 months of “bed arrest”. Literally only allowed to get up and go to the toilet and nothing else. For a 30 something year old this felt like an unusually harsh punishment. I had to be dependent on others for everything. Life felt truly bleak.

Days and weeks of agonising pain blurred into one another, until a doctor friend of mine from London came to know about my condition – he happened to be visiting India. Dr. Kapil Mathur came and stayed with me for a while, and in that time he gave me osteopathic treatments that got me on my feet, albeit painfully, within just a week.

I still remember how wonderful it felt to be able to climb up and down the stairs.

Kapil got me walking, but my pain persisted.

It was a craniosacral therapist from Europe who through her gentle touches and manipulations made my pain vanish within a few sessions. It felt amazing to be pain free. To walk without a limp and a hobble. To be able to lift things again.

As my life started returning to normal, I began to wonder how through just a gentle touch she managed to create such a profound effect on my system. Of course, my pain melted away like dew in the morning sunshine, but it was not just that. I felt so much healthier. I was sleeping better. I was breathing more fully. I felt I was even digesting food more efficiently. And my meditations were really deep.

My innate curiosity awakened and I started seeking out more about this almost magical therapy. How did it work? Who could learn? How long would it take to become good at it? What kind of health conditions would it be great for? What was the history?

I needed answers to these and many other questions that popped into my head.

That’s how Dinesh and I embarked on this transformative healing, learning journey. Because I truly felt that CST needed to reach more people, and help them the way it helped me.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a profound, non-invasive, healing process that works through gentle touch – like a butterfly alighting on a flower – to release stress, disturbance, injury and deep-seated trauma. It is known to benefit an entire range of problems, from minor aches and pains to severe chronic conditions.

It restores balance across the various systems of the body-mind system transforming it back to a state of vibrant health. And for those who are already feeling healthy, it boosts all the systems of the body bringing another level of well-being within them.

 CST is a holistic technique that works through the various levels in the body impacting the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardio-vascular, circulatory and immune systems as well as the organs, tissues and fasciae. It triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms to relieve diseases, symptoms and root causes.

The core premise of this therapy is to restore optimum balance in the body and mind. This balance often gets disturbed due to incorrect lifestyle choices — such as bad diet choices, eating at odd hours, poor sleep and sedentary jobs.

Top 3 Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy (according to me)

CST improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is fundamental to success. Material, physical, emotional or spiritual. There is no polite way of putting this – Without proper sleep, you get older, uglier, dumber and sicker. When you are fully rested through sleep, you feel fresh and alert – ready to take on the challenges of the day. Your immune system is strengthened. You don’t have brain fog and so can make better decisions. Your skin takes on a lustre. You basically feel stronger, healthier and sexier.

The corner stone of robust health is proper sleep. Alarmingly, for many people the world over, this has become almost impossible. Lifestyles that are dominated by bad food choices, late working hours, disrupted eating times and poor exercise compliance translate to the inability to sleep. Or even if people manage to sleep, their nervous systems don’t allow them to rest deeply and so they awaken tired and groggy. Sleep deprivation will kill the quality of your life.

A wired, triggered nervous system will simply not allow you to sleep well and deny you the benefits of great sleep. CST sessions balance out your nervous system thus creating and restoring the foundation for deep sleep. After a few CST sessions, you’ll notice a deep sense of relaxation and ease. Soon, you will be able to slip into effortless sleep and reap all the wondrous benefits that sleep can bestow on you.

Dinesh and I have written a fantastic book, Sleep Your Way to Success. Whether you struggle to sleep well or not, I strongly recommend you check it out.

CST encourages Emotional Releases

All life experiences create emotions within us. Our bodies will hold onto emotions that we are unable to process. These can in turn lead to all sorts of physical and mental conditions. Your headache may not be anything to do with your physiology at all. It could be a mnifestation of some stuck grief or worry that you don’t know how to let go of.

Suppressed and unprocessed emotions get trapped within us and typically manifest as physical aches and pains. After a stressful day, notice how your body feels sore and tired. For some, the stress just keeps building up and the soreness and tiredness never leaves them, many times transforming into the so-called lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues, etc.

“I run a few successful businesses. Unfortunately making business successful can be super stressful. Unexpressed and suppressed emotions would sometimes overwhelm me. I felt so much discomfort in my body. During my first few CST sessions, I felt deeply relaxed, as if a great weight had been lifted. At the end of the sessions, I would feel unusually bubbly and light – like champagne! I was so impressed by this technique that I decided to learn it for myself. I am so glad I did. I am thoroughly enjoying my healing adventure, and am constantly amazed at how through touch such extraordinary healing can happen.

Aditya Kabra

Most people will spend their time and money trying to get all those physical symptoms eliminated. Ignoring the fact that in reality it is the emotional baggage that needs to be off loaded. The gentle touch of CST does exactly that. Emotions are gently and slowly released at a cellular level. This controlled release of emotions allows you to process them and finally be free of them. This dissolving away of the accumulated rubbish realigns and reorganises the body. CST sessions from a trained and experienced therapist will make you feel lighter physically and mentally. Almost as if kilos of weight have suddenly been stripped off.

You will notice that you are smiling more.

CST boosts your Body’s Recovery Systems

If you fall down and scrape your knee, within a few days, your wound will have vanished and that spot will feel as if nothing ever happened there. Our bodies have astounding healing abilities. We somehow take it for granted that when we scrape the skin around our knee, the exact same skin will grow back. Our bodies don’t grow parts of your nose there. The healing abilities of our bodies are coupled with a silent, innate intelligence.

Our body is a brilliant piece of engineering and most times manages to bounce back to health, albeit, with a few leftovers of distress. These distresses pile up over time causing our immune systems to break down and create disease.

However, there is a vast intelligence in the body and almost infinite resources available – if only you could tap into them. Craniosacral Therapy acts as a catalyst for you to tap into your own system, use resources available to you, and create great health. Of course, lifestyle changes would need to happen alongside CST for it to have a more dramatic, permanent effect.

Through touch, a skilled therapist can figure out what’s wrong in the body and bring about balance and harmony in the body by supplementing its own drive towards great health.

Over the years, we and our students have given CST to thousands of people and helped them find vibrant, bouncy health for themselves. Through our touch, people have healed emotional scars and very physical conditions. It’s always a small miracle as someone obviously in pain suddenly feels the release while they are on the table. The look of incredulity, surprise and relief all rolled into one is priceless. It has been our privilege and pleasure being the catalysts of change for so many. But, there are many more who require healing, and we would now like to invite you to train to be a Craniosacral Therapist.

“I felt absolutely wonderful when I took my first CST treatment. Right away, I inquired if I could somehow learn this – I was thinking of people in my family I wanted to give this treatment to. To my delight, I found out that not only could I learn CST, I could make a secondary income from it. I was onthe first batch, have completed my training and I have to say it’s been a fantastic ride. I would recommend anyone who is remotely interested in their own health and helping others find health to do this training. It is well worth the investment of effort, time and money.”

Shavina Prakash

You could become that healer who can learn this phenomenal technique and reintroduce relief, joy and solace to people’s lives And I tell you, through experience — becoming a medium to heal people is one of the most beautiful acts you can perform. CST can bring such purpose and fulfilment to life.

For many, CST has become a secondary career, bringing in a welcome income on the side – through doing something they truly love. Helping people find health. For a few, CST has replaced their primary career – they have become well-known in their communities as healers and have managed to create sustainable wealth for themselves. They have found a flourishing new career. One they enjoy. One that doesn’t stress them out. One that makes them feel so much better about themselves because of what they are doing.

Are you tempted to become a Craniosacral Therapist? If you are, I am pretty sure you have a recurring, lingering question in your head…

I come from a non-medical background. Can I still learn CST?

Short Answer – Yes!!

You do not need a medical degree to learn CST. You do not even need to have studied science at all. You do need an open mind, a willingness to learn and a strong desire to make a real difference to your own health and the health of people around you.

Here is what our CST trainer and practitioner Rima Engineer has to say about this –

Even though I don’t come from a medical background, I always wanted to learn healing. I was left pleasantly surprised to find out how friendly Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts’ Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training course structure was for me. It’s been 6 years since I graduated from this program, and it has unlocked amazing opportunities to heal people. CST is a booming career choice. The scope is thriving. If you’re still on the fence, I would say take that step and learn this technique from us – it’s special.

Rima Engineer

In the last few years as therapists, we have felt such joy to see people heal from deep-seated trauma and chronic pain.Our families, friends and communities need more holisitic healers.

Apart from the big question about the medical background, you might have many others. Duration of the training, costs, logistics, when you can start practicing, etc.

To answer all this and more, Dinesh, Dr. Ankita Dhelia and I are doing an online seminar – The Power of Touch – An Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy. You will learn a few quick techniques during this seminar as well. You can enrol for this two hour seminar here. Visit the Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts website for more details.

We look forward to seeing you on our training!


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