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Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa) & Dinesh Ghodke

Almost 30 years ago, Khurshed (fondly called Bawa, a nickname he has inherited from his IIT days) decided he would rather teach people meditation and make them happy, than teach them math and make them miserable.

From a young age, Dinesh an alumnus of IITB always wanted to make a difference to people around him, and the world in general.

They both chose the unconventional path of being Art of Living teachers – this allowed them to do exactly what they wanted to – and so much more.

They have co-authored three books (with many more on the way) – Ready, Study, Go!, Happiness Express and Sleep Your Way to Success. Their first two books together have sold more than 100,000 copies. Ready, Study, Go! has been translated into Hindi, Tamil and Bulgarian.

They are sought-after speakers and have given hundreds of talks on a wide range of topics nationally and internationally. Many of their talks have more than a million views on YouTube. Their YouTube channel is

They are Craniosacral Therapists and have created small miracles for people through this powerful alternative healing modality. Since 2016, their school has taught more than 300 people (and counting) this profound healing technique. Learn more about this from

Bawa is a certified Bach Flower Therapist, and a Level 1 and 2 trainer for the Bach Centre, UK. Navigate to to know more about the almost magical Bach Flower Remedies. You can book a consultation with Bawa or do the UK Certified Bach Flower Remedies training with him.

Bawa and Dinesh have taught Yoga and Meditation through the Art of Living series of self-development courses in more than 30 countries world-wide. Check for schedules of the Art of Living courses they teach along with their team.

Along with B. Prasanna, Bawa has created a music album – Sri Symphonic Bhajans. Bawa and Dinesh have engineered a board game – Mumbai Connection.

Dinesh is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys his daily workouts. Bawa loves nature and long walks. They enjoy reading, music and movies with happy endings. They live amidst nature at Art of Living’s picturesque retreat in Bangalore.

Keep it Simple

Things can get super complicated. We like to simplify, so our students and clients just “get it” – Get it?!

Have Authenticity

For us, authenticity and integrity are important. If we don’t know, we say we don’t know. If we cannot help, we say so, and point you in the best direction we would know

Make it Real

No unnecessary philosophy. We ensure that all we say or do has practical, real world application

Learn & Evolve

We keep learning and so should you. We are continuously improving everything about ourselves. We aim to move from one level of perfection to the next

Love from our Students

Satwik Mehta

Engineering Director, HSSMI, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed Bawa and Dinesh’s courses.

They have the ability to simplify the most complex concepts and communicate in an effortless manner. They have changed the way I look at things and situations and brought new perspectives which has been immensely helpful in my professional life.

Aruna Kumari Kolachalam

Group Project Manager, Infosys

I have attended different sessions with Bawa n Dinesh, the most recent one being their Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training.

It does not matter what the session is about – the authenticity, energy and lightness with which it is delivered is charming and so full of depth that you cannot help but learn. Their teaching is effortless and their presence speaks volumes.

Feel very fortunate to be associated with them and to be part of these sessions.


Riddhi Karambelkar

Manufacturing Manager, Brompton Bicycles

I am a Manufacturing Engineering Manager in London. My work and social life in London, are extremely demanding.

The Art of Living courses that were taught to me by Bawa and Dinesh have completely transformed me as a person. They teach in a break fun, easy to follow way and share their Knowledge with so much love. I had never been able to experience depth in meditation this way before.

Spirituality is now a part of my lifestyle and I am happier, relaxed and more confident than ever before. Thank you Bawa and Dinesh for making me the best ‘me’ possible.

Dr. Ankita Dhelia


I am a doctor and used to treat diseases.

After my interactions with Bawa & Dinesh, and doing many courses with them, I have finally learned to treat people.

Our Books

Sleep Powers Success

We are on a mission to empower 1 million (or more) people harness the awesome power of a good night’s sleep.

An all-you-need guide to create the best possible sleep experience – equally, will give you a blueprint to define your own idea of success, and create an achieveable action plan to manifest your dreams into reality.


A Journey to Everyday


Thousands of people have enjoyed reading our book – and we are sure you will too.

Follow just a few of the tips and techniques in it – you will be guaranteed to have a smile that lights up your eyes and warms your heart.

Welcome to Everyday Well-Being.

Smart Ways to Learn

Thousands of students the world over have read our book and swear by it.

Full of riveting facts and personal anecdotes, our book will guide you on a journey that will transform your studying habits and possibly even your life.

Use your brain the right way & watch the magic happen.