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Meet Bawa & Dinesh

Khurshed and Dinesh have co-authored three books – Ready, Study, Go!, Happiness Express and Sleep Your Way to Success. Their first two books have sold more than 100,000 copies.

Dinesh is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys his daily workouts. Khurshed loves nature and long walks. They enjoy reading, music and movies with happy endings. They live amidst nature at Art of Living’s picturesque retreat in rural Bangalore.

Better Sleep for a Million (or More)

Enough good quality sleep will make you healthier, smarter, younger and sexier. You will find that when you consistently sleep well, you are able to make better decisions and in general, feel more upbeat and happier about life.

Bawa & Dinesh are on a mission to empower 1 million (or more) people harness the awesome power of sleep to dramatically improve the quality of their lives – all through the simple act of closing their eyes.

Praise for

Sleep Your Way to Success

James Nestor

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

A rollicking review of the science and practice of one of our most powerful medicines: a good night’s sleep.

Harsh Goenka

Chairman, RPG Enterprises

When you are curious enough, the answers will find their way to you. My intense curiosity on the subject of sleep has brought me to this book. And finally in a form and style that is lucid. The detailing is incredible. In our caffeine induced adrenaline pumped lifestyles, we knew sleep could be the perfect antidote but we haven’t been using it right. Khurshed and Dinesh reveal a powerful sequence of lifestyle choices that can help us unlock the true potential of sleep.

Sleep has  finally been released from the clutches of the ‘laziness’ tag that it was so unwittingly tied with for generations. This is a book that I would happily take to bed!

Dr. Rati Godrej MD

This is so much more than a self-help book about the science of sleep and the importance of good sleep for true success! Khurshed and Dinesh show us how to remove the monsters in our mind – negative self-talk, self-doubt and low self-esteem – to unlock the secret of being successful, and not just achieving success in life.

 Sleep Your Way to Success carves out a clear path towards achieving balance, purpose, meaning and fulfilment in life. A must read for those with a growth mindset who want to make positive changes in any sphere of their life.

Kewal Handa

Former Chairman, Union Bank of India

Sleep Your Way to Success is an inspiring, revelatory book, filled with anecdotes, research, self-experimented data, and simple but impactful suggestions to success and well-being – two things that often don’t go hand-in-hand.

My favourite chapters? The FAQ on Sleep, The Pizza of life and Adding by Subtracting. These few pages will change the way you look at your life.

Kanchan Samtani

Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

I really enjoyed Sleep Your Way to Success – simple conversational language, clear messages and takeaways. I have learned so much about sleep and sleep hygiene – I had no idea alarm clocks were health risks, for example.

Equally, the success chapters gave me lots of ideas to reprioritize and optimize my day-to-day schedule. Life is easier and more fun after reading this book.

Surya Shekhar Ganguly

Chess Grandmaster, Arjuna Award Winner 2005

Being a chess player by profession, I am perfectly aware of how critically important it is to stay sharp and relaxed at the same time. Otherwise, you get instantly punished. Mental and physical health are of utmost importance for success, and enough good quality sleep is the vital ingredient to ensure these remain optimal.

Khurshed and Dinesh explain this fact in their typical crystal clear style, full of humour and wisdom. There is a soothing aspect to their writing that always makes me smile and feel good. I truly appreciate the amount of self-experimentation and research that has gone into writing this book.

Their pieces on success are spot-on, and with this book you are truly armed to sleep well, dream big – and figure out a plan to actually make those dreams come true.

Bhavana Bindra

MD South Asia, REHAU

Loved it… the book handles a touchy (at least for me) topic with a sensitive practicality. I was astounded to know of all that could be set right by this most important of renovation functions for our bodies – sleep!

Much has been said, and much has been written in the past about sleep and it’s benefits. And God knows several of us have been keen consumers of it, but never did any of that stay with so much conviction, as it does after reading Sleep Your Way to Success. Simply because, as always- Bawa and Dinesh make it simple, relatable, humorous and surmountable!

The book explores the idea of success, expertly intertwining it with sleep. You will feel an intense eagerness to make a beginning at revamping your schedule to achieve the big goals and dreams of your life.

I would recommend this book across all age groups – it is exactly in line with Bawa and Dinesh’s universality!

Amit Nayyar

MD, JP Morgan Chase, London

Sleep is nature’s superpower. Science is unambiguously clear that a good night’s sleep positively impacts our well-being, both physically and mentally. This fact is often under-rated and not well understood. Sleep Your Way to Success hits this point home and how!

The narrative flows smoothly, switching between the logic and science of sleep, to practical suggestions and daily tips that will help you move unerringly towards success.

Sreekala Sunderrajan

Director – People and Culture Programme Management, Gojek 

An eye opening book on closing the eyes for the best of reasons – Sleep!

This book is a product of the research and personal experience  – and it shows. Bawa and Dinesh take us through their personal stories of how they discovered and implemented the knowledge of sleeping. I find this book authentic, practical and relatable for anyone living in today’s super busy, moving-at-light-speed, crammed world.

The part which talks about sleep and new moms especially struck a chord with me. As a mother of two, along with a full-fledged corporate job and an extremely active community life, sleep would often be a trade-off. Not anymore!

If you are looking for a book to snuggle with, pick this one!

Bart Janssens

Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

A fascinating linkage between Success & Sleep – one almost wonders why the world hasn’t taken Sleep more seriously before.

Equally, a powerful framework to revisit your goals- and work toward them more effectively!

Rajiv Kaul

  Former President, Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

Sleep Your Way to Success is a remarkable powerhouse of a book that helps us to unleash the amazing restorative powers of sleep, and its transformational capacity to impact our ability to succeed.

Masterfully written, with simplicity of purpose and clarity of thought, the authors explain the science of how sleep affects our state of mind, and provide actionable insights to implement and position oneself for success.

Success means different things to different people, particularly at different stages of life. This book guides the reader to discover what success means to them, and shares simple techniques on how to literally sleep their way towards enriching their wakeful lives.

This gem from Bawa and Dinesh, replete with their inimitable wit and wisdom, is an absolute delight to read and an excellent gift that any reader can give themselves!

V S S Mani

Founder & CEO, JustDial

I had absolutely no idea that something as simple as sleeping could make me feel good, look great, perform better, and be the basis of fantastic relationships. I am pretty sure many people, me included, felt that sleep is a waste of time. This book convinced me that it is not. I particularly loved the fact that the authors have spelt out exactly what needs to be done (or not done) to tap into the awesome power of restful, rejuvenative sleep.

The second part of the book – The chapters revolving around the idea of success take a completely different approach from what is the norm. Instead of telling you what success is, you are encouraged, through a series of exercises to define your own idea of success. Then,  go on to create an actionable road map towards it.

Bawa and Dinesh are known for their simple yet profound insights, and effective methodology towards creating solutions for the stickier challenges that life throws at you. Sleep Your Way to Success is packed with this wisdom and you will be a better, more effective person through reading it.

Nisheeta Bajaj Janssens

Global executive coach to CEOs, Author, Advisor (various organisations)

Implementing just one thing from the sleep section of this remarkable book has actually made me look and feel considerably younger! I had deprioritised sleep for decades, always justifying to myself that I was happy and high-functioning. Bawa and Dinesh reframed my thinking on sleep – I have now put aside superhero tactics, and give sleep its due importance.

This book is equally a ticket to success – like you never imagined before. Through their keen understanding of the mind, the authors walk you through a journey of reflection around why you do what you do, and invite you to operate from your “courage zone.” Several insightful chapters in this book are a “productivity compass”, pointing to little changes that can dramatically boost one’s productivity. The most extraordinary shift personally was through their simple, but life-altering “5 and a half minute” rule.

A most insightful read – one that undoubtedly everyone will benefit from.

Navyata Goenka

Former investment banker & mother of 3

Having read the ” Happiness Express” & “Ready Steady Go”, l knew with absolute certainty that Bawa and Dinesh’s new book on Sleep would be a treasury of wisdom. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be. The book is truly an eye-opener, making us realize the importance of deep sleep for creating magic at a deeper level, thereby healing and energizing the body & soul.

It is a must-read for all ages, and is a valuable tool to help us achieve true happiness and success.

Chanchal Bansal

Business Leader, Google

The authors urge you to read Sleep Your Way to Success one short chapter at a time. I found this to be impossible. Once I started reading, I simply couldn’t put it down. I wanted to get it all in one shot. The topics covered are critical to success and well-being, but not talked about enough. The writing style is easy and conversational and many times I felt as if the authors were talking to me and engaging me. I could easily comprehend and internalise even the more technical parts of the book.

Over the last 17 years, I have worked in extremely competitive workplaces and have seen a lot of folks compromise on well-being, as they chase the mirage of success. This book allows you to comprehensively define your own version of success in all it’s multiple dimensions. It then goes on to showing you the “Hows” of achieving that success in a healthy balanced way.

It’s a great read – almost a manual to define and achieve success in a truly sustainable way.

Rajneesh Gupta

Global Vice President, Intuit

This topic of this incredible book is deeply personal to me. In the year 2008, I fell asleep on the wheel driving at 70 miles per hour with my whole family in the car. In the milliseconds of sleep driving, the car drove off into a grass patch and turned 180 degrees to a full stop. It is truly a miracle that I live to write about the incident today. I first hand discovered the NEED to sleep well. It can literally save your life!

Bawa and Dinesh beautifully present the science and art of a good night sleep. This book can help every individual sleep better, which in my opinion, is a prerequisite to being successful. With the recharge of a good night’s sleep, you will be ready to implement the numerous success strategies they share from their life experiences in the book. The genius behind the success strategies is their simplicity – Easy to learn and implement, yet profound in it’s impact.

This is a great book to have by your bedside!

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