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Use the code ‘greatsleep‘ and you will get a discount on all the products listed on this page

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All the products and services that are listed on this page have been tried and tested by us.

We have actually bought all these products and many others from competing brands, used them all, and then based on our experience, created this list. We have done a lot of work to research about these products and spent quite a lot of money – so you don’t have to. This list will take away most of the guesswork and hopefully save you a lot of time.

Check back often, we keep updating this list with our latest recommendations. Use the code ‘greatsleep’ when you checkout to get a discount*

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* We have affiliate tie-ups with a lot of the websites listed here. This means that when you use our code ‘greatsleep’ on checkout, you will get a discount and we will get a commission.

The BYOGI Vishraam Line

Muslin is soft and light and makes for perfect night wear. It feels wonderfully smooth and silky on the skin – almost like wearing nothing at all.

BYOGI has created a line of lounge wear just perfect to go to bed in – so you can truly experince deep Vishraam as you slumber.

Our code ‘greatsleep’ will get you a site wide discount on everything from BYOGI.

Shankara Collection

Pure ingredients and secret recipes for beauty and well-being from Ancient Indian Scriptures effortlessly come together in all Shankara products.

Create a soft gentle magic for your skin and how you look and feel with these exclusive oils and creams.

The Night Glow Ritual is highly reccomended.

Enjoy site-wide discounts on all Shankara products with our code ‘greatsleep’

The IQ Air Health Pro Air Purifier

Air quality in most cities of the world and especially in India is abysmally bad. Your immune system fights all sorts of pollutants throughout the day, and even at night as you sleep.

This means that as your body sleeps, your immune system is still on overdrive fending off invaders, never really getting a chance to recoup. Over time, this makes your immune system weaker and you will tend to fall sick more often.

A good quality Air Purifier does the dirty work for you during the day and as you sleep at night, giving your Immune system that much needed break to rebuild itself. You will find yourself growing healthier, feeling better and more productive and creative as you begin to breathe the air Nature intended you to breathe.

In our book Sleep Your Way to Success we have extensively listed the properties that a good Air Purifier should have, and IQ Air Health Pro 250 is the one we settled on after spending a lot of money experimenting with cheaper alternatives. This beast of a machine ticks absolutely every single box that a superb Air Purifier should.

We consider the IQ Air Health Pro 250 as one of the BEST investments we have ever made for ourselves. We use it on a daily basis. The best part is that it is available in India with a guarantee that you will continue to be able to buy the filters whenever required.

The button will take you to the Indian website where you can buy this Air Purifier. Breathe Easy Labs has many other amazing products. Enjoy a site-wide discount when you enter the code ‘greatsleep’ at check out. 

If you still have any doubt about your decision to invest in this incredible machine, watch this video.

Keep it Simple

Things can get super complicated. We like to simplify, so our students and clients just “get it” – Get it?!

Have Authenticity

For us, authenticity and integrity are important. If we don’t know, we say we don’t know. If we cannot help, we say so, and point you in the best direction we would know

Make it Real

No unnecessary philosophy. We ensure that all we say or do has practical, real world application

Learn & Evolve

We keep learning and so should you. We are continuously improving everything about ourselves. We aim to move from one level of perfection to the next

Love from our Students

Satwik Mehta

Engineering Director, HSSMI, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed Bawa and Dinesh’s courses.

They have the ability to simplify the most complex concepts and communicate in an effortless manner. They have changed the way I look at things and situations and brought new perspectives which has been immensely helpful in my professional life.

Aruna Kumari Kolachalam

Group Project Manager, Infosys

I have attended different sessions with Bawa n Dinesh, the most recent one being their Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training.

It does not matter what the session is about – the authenticity, energy and lightness with which it is delivered is charming and so full of depth that you cannot help but learn. Their teaching is effortless and their presence speaks volumes.

Feel very fortunate to be associated with them and to be part of these sessions.


Riddhi Karambelkar

Manufacturing Manager, Brompton Bicycles

I am a Manufacturing Engineering Manager in London. My work and social life in London, are extremely demanding.

The Art of Living courses that were taught to me by Bawa and Dinesh have completely transformed me as a person. They teach in a break fun, easy to follow way and share their Knowledge with so much love. I had never been able to experience depth in meditation this way before.

Spirituality is now a part of my lifestyle and I am happier, relaxed and more confident than ever before. Thank you Bawa and Dinesh for making me the best ‘me’ possible.

Dr. Ankita Dhelia


I am a doctor and used to treat diseases.

After my interactions with Bawa & Dinesh, and doing many courses with them, I have finally learned to treat people.

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We are on a mission to empower 1 million (or more) people harness the awesome power of a good night’s sleep.

An all-you-need guide to create the best possible sleep experience – equally, will give you a blueprint to define your own idea of success, and create an achieveable action plan to manifest your dreams into reality.


A Journey to Everyday


Thousands of people have enjoyed reading our book – and we are sure you will too.

Follow just a few of the tips and techniques in it – you will be guaranteed to have a smile that lights up your eyes and warms your heart.

Welcome to Everyday Well-Being.

Smart Ways to Learn

Thousands of students the world over have read our book and swear by it.

Full of riveting facts and personal anecdotes, our book will guide you on a journey that will transform your studying habits and possibly even your life.

Use your brain the right way & watch the magic happen.

We feel the biggest blessing one can get is Being Healthy, Being Happy, Being Wise and Beaing Wealthy - in that order. And that's what Secrets of Success our blog is going to be all about.

Enough good quality sleep will make you healthier, smarter, younger and sexier. You will find that when you consistently sleep well, you are able to make better decisions and in general, feel more upbeat and happier about life.

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